2012 Olympics: Full Medal Count And Results

The 2012 London Olympics ended quite spectacularly on Sunday, with the United States wrapping up a gold medal in men's basketball shortly before the closing ceremonies commenced. The gold medals Team USA earned Sunday were a very small portion of their final count, however, as the Sweet Land of Liberty finished atop the Olympic leaderboard with 46 gold medals.

The United States final medal count included 46 gold medals to go with 29 silver and bronze medals apiece, totaling a terrific 104 total medals over the past few weeks in London. That total bested America's closest competitor, China, who finished in second place with 38 gold medals en route to 87 total.

Coming in a rather close third was Russia with 82 total medals and 24 golds, far out-distancing fourth-place finishers Great Britain as the host nation finished with 65 medals, 29 of which were gold.

The fifth-place finishers were Germany with total 44 medals -- including 11 gold -- while Japan, Australia, France, South Korea and Italy rounded out the top 10.

The complete medal results can be found below.

The first-place finish in the medal count was the fifth-consecutive Olympics that America finished atop the total medal count. Team USA also re-took the honors of having the most gold medals after China took that honor at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

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And now let's watch the final 8-bit medal count video. Enjoy!