WSJ: Rubio tax credit 'an expensive political pander'

The conservative Wall Street Journal is siding with Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul against his GOP rival Marco Rubio, at least on one tax policy.

During the GOP primary debate on Tuesday, Rubio was asked about his tax plan, which includes a $2,500 "child tax credit" for families.

Paul called it a "welfare transfer payment" and challenged the idea that it was idelogically compatible with conservatism.

"Mr. Paul was helpful again in pointing out that Mr. Rubio's credit is 'refundable,' which means that people who don't pay income taxes would still receive a government check," the Journal wrote Wednesday. "Mr. Rubio's diagnosis of the changing economy has particular appeal to anxious voters. It's too bad his tax credit is such an expensive political pander."

The non-partisan Tax Foundation estimated that Rubio's child tax credit, with the rest of his plan, would cost the government $414 billion each year, but that it would boost economic growth by 15 percent over 10 years.