Who's Who on the White House Visitor List

The White House has released more names of individuals who visited the White House since President Obama took office. Administration officials vowed this White House would take the unprecedented step of telling the American people who walked thru the White House gates. This list does not include personal friends and relatives of the Obama family.

There are Senators and members of Congress who have shown up since President Obama was sworn in. During intense debate on health care legislation, Obama's team met with health care lobbyists but also the Chief Executives and their representatives of Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kasier Foundation, Aetna and PhRMA, the drug industry lobby.

There are also business leaders such as the Chief Executive Officer of General Electric Jeffrey Immelt and Choice Hotels' Stewart Bainum. The list provided by the White House details who the individuals met with and what they did. Neither had a face-to-face with the President but Bainum did at least get a West Wing tour.

Some individuals appear to be frequent visitors at the White House but that's because they work there. Others such as Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski entered the White House 46 times. Days before his nomination, Genachowski met with two presidential advisors and after the announcement, Genachowski had a meeting with White House Counsel Greg Craig. He's had other meetings at the White House since being confirmed.

One visitor, who was a big Obama campaign fundraiser, had the privilege of joining the Obama's in the residence for a reception on inauguration day. The same visitor met with the President in late July and even had an invite to Tuesday night's State dinner.

The visitors list can be found online at www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/disclosures/visitor-records.