White House supports spending bill thanks to clean energy

The White House says it will support the omnibus spending bill Congress issued late last night, lauding the effort of lawmakers to restore vital wind and solar subsidies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with the president's climate change agenda.

The White House applauded lawmakers for approving a $1.1 trillion bill to fund the government that is "largely free of new unrelated ideological riders," while extending "tax incentives for investments in wind and solar energy, driving significant reductions in carbon pollution and other dangerous air pollutants and providing certainty for investments in clean energy."

The White House did not mention that the bill would lift the 1970s ban on exporting crude oil that environmentalists have criticized the measure for, especially after the president helped usher in a global climate deal in Paris on Saturday.

"The administration appreciates the bipartisan effort to provide full-year appropriations legislation for [fiscal] 2016 largely free of new unrelated ideological riders, and take a critical step toward a simpler, fairer tax code and a stronger economy, and urges the Congress to pass this legislation," the White House said.

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