White House says there's no final agreement on health care

The White House and top democrats continue to have meetings at the White House to hammer out a deal on health care, as reported by Senior White House correspondent Major Garrett here. Those meetings continued behind closed doors today and the White House says there's still no final agreement on health care. Fox News has video of some of the participants in the meeting and some information below from the White House.

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From Reid Cherlin, White House Spokesman:

“Today’s meeting capped a week’s worth of productive discussions about bringing down costs, providing more stability and security for those with insurance, and expanding coverage to those who don’t have it. We’ve worked through the gamut of issues in great depth, but there are no final agreements and no overall package. The next step in the process is to evaluate the costs and savings associated with the various proposals for each tenet of the legislation. The President and congressional leaders are committed to delivering a bill that increases the affordability of health insurance for the American people at the lowest cost to the taxpayer.”

More on the meeting from the White House:

The meeting was held in the Cabinet Room from approximately 1:30 pm to approximately 3:45 pm. The President attended the entire meeting.

At this point, the President is not expected to hold or attend any additional health care meetings this weekend.

Members attending today:

Speaker Pelosi

Leader Hoyer

Congressman Clyburn

Chairman Miller

Chairman Rangel

Chairman Waxman

Leader Reid

Senator Schumer

Chairman Baucus

Chairman Dodd

Chairman Harkin

Staff attending included:

Rahm Emanuel

Nancy-Ann DeParle

Phil Schiliro

Jim Messina