VA Governor Calls Welfare Waiver “Horrible Policy”

Republican Governor Bob McDonnell says President Obama's new welfare waiver is just plain bad.

"It is outrageous and destroys completely the welfare reforms that were successfully implemented 14 years ago, that have moved millions of people from federal government dependents now to freedom and opportunity and jobs," McDonnell told Fox News.

The administration released a policy memo on Thursday allowing states to get rid of the strict work requirements people must comply with in order to receive welfare. But the law that the White House is using to back this policy move does not allow for the work provision to be waived. Republicans say this is another example of the Obama Administration's overreach of power and a violation of the law.

Governor McDonnell says this policy amounts to President Obama, "admitting that his job policy has been a failure." As proof, McDonnell cites high unemployment and millions of people either out of work or underemployed.

McDonnell, who backs presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney says that the former Massachusetts governor's understanding of the free market is what is needed to get the country back on track.

"This is part of the big difference in the election between the President, who believes more entitlements and more government and more guarantees are the way for prosperity and Mitt Romney who believes, like me and Republicans, that more opportunity and more access to the American Dream is the way that you build a great country on Earth back to prosperity," said McDonnell.