Utah Considers Making 12th Grade Optional

A cost-cutting proposal originally aimed at eliminating the 12th grade in Utah has been revised to instead allow students to graduate from high school earlier.

State legislators are studying the proposal over the summer to decide whether to move forward on it, a spokesman for the Utah school board told FoxNews.com.

State Sen. Chris Buttars made the proposal in February as the state faced a $700 million shortfall, saying seniors are usually out to lunch during their last school year. After teachers and parents voiced opposition, Buttars toned the proposal down and presented it as "accelerated graduation," school board spokesman Mark Peterson said.

Buttars has said the move could save up to $60 million. Buttars was not able to comment due to an illness, his wife told FoxNews.com.

Peterson said the earliest lawmakers can take action on the proposal is January when the next session begins.

"It hasn't died," he said. "But it's not being actively pursued."