‘Unemployed’ man in Dem attack ad is actually employed

The Democratic Governors Association has again run into trouble with one of the ads it is funding, this time using a picture of a man employed by a company that has praised Maine Republican Governor Paul LePage to represent one of the state’s unemployed.

The ad comes from Maine Forward PAC, a group funded largely by the DGA, which threw nearly $1 million into the group in September alone. The DGA was one of the founding organizations for the PAC, along with some of Maine’s largest labor unions.

The ad attempts to paint a somber picture of Maine’s economic situation, and blames LePage for the state’s 40,000 unemployed individuals. But the main image used to represent the unemployed is a man named Roger Gay who is not unemployed at all.

Not only does Gay have a job, but his employer, General Dynamics, has praised the economic policies of LePage’s administration.

The company was featured in Mainebiz as one of the companies that has greatly benefitted from economic initiatives created by LePage.

“It’s nice to know there are these initiatives going on that are going to address the need to develop the work force,” said Chuck Bates, a manager at General Dynamics, referring to a work-force development strategy crafted by LePage designed to address Maine’s worker skill gap.

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