Top Google searches on GOP 2016 candidates

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New data from Google Trends is offering a wide range of insights into the Republican primary race -- and what people want to know -- ahead of the Fox News/Google debate Thursday.

In terms of the number of searches for each candidate, frontrunner Donald Trump is leading the pack comfortably, with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz a distant second.

Meanwhile, here is the breakdown in Iowa.

However, a closer look at the searches reveals that potential voters have some peculiar queries about the candidates.

For instance, Ohio Gov. John Kasich is presenting himself as a moderate alternative to the more conservative candidates. According to the Google searches about him, he may have overplayed it, as two of the top questions are asking if he is even a Republican.

For former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum, who is consistently polling in low single digits, the top question is “Is Rick Santorum still running?”

Some of the search inquiries are harder to explain. For instance the top searched issue for Donald Trump isn’t China, or jobs, or even immigration (that’s second) but Nigeria.

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