Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, responding to rumors that protesters were looking to target the Alamo, had a clear warning for anyone who might be considering causing damage to the historical San Antonio site.

In a statement posted to Twitter Saturday, Bush -- son of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush -- referenced social media rumors that demonstrators could be coming to the Alamo and made clear that officers were already on hand to counter any problems that could arise.


"The Alamo is the Shrine of Texas Liberty. And it will be defended," Bush said, adding that his office was monitoring the situation. "Rest assured we have already deployed, for several weeks and will continue to do so, the Alamo Rangers in partnership with SAPD, the Department of Public Safety and The National Guard to protect this sacred site. My message to the protesters is simple: Don't Mess with The Alamo."

Bush then shared an image of what protester can expect to encounter.

So far, Bush's warning comes as a number of historical sites have been targeted by protesters

Demonstrators who have taken to the streets after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis have taken aim at a number of historical locations and monuments, including the Lincoln Memorial, the World War II Memorial, and the statue of Gen. Casimir Pulaski on the National Mall in Washington, as well as Duluth's Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial, Boston's Robert Gould Shaw and the 54th Regiment Memorial, and Denver's Colorado Soldiers Monument. Confederate monuments across the country have also been targeted, though sometimes with support from local officials.


Protesters did demonstrate outside the Alamo Saturday, but it had nothing to do with the recent race-related protests against police brutality. Local KSAT reported that the weekend's protest opposed a plan to restore the site that included moving the Alamo Cenotaph monument several hundred feet from where it currently sits.

Fox News' Robert Gearty contributed to this report.