Ted Cruz touts ability to fundraise like an insider

Ted Cruz's presidential campaign often lambasts the "Washington cartel," but he has begun touting that he can fundraise with the best of the D.C. insiders he wants to defeat.

While outsiders continue to dominate the Republican presidential field, the Texas senator appeared to cast himself as the outsider on the inside track in terms of campaign fundraising during a press conference at Cruz campaign headquarters on Monday. Cruz held the presser to announce that Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick would serve as his campaign's Texas chairman.

Cruz said most Republican candidates have chosen not to run national campaigns, but are focusing on single states and "hoping to get struck by lightning."

"This cycle its too accelerated to do that [focus on only one state], you've got to be able to run a national campaign," Cruz said. "We hope and believe Super Tuesday is going to be a very very good day for our presidential campaign."

The senator also poached six members of the finance team from former Texas Gov. Rick Perry's defunct presidential campaign.

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