Survey: Half of uninsured eligible for help under Obamacare

Half of the Americans who remain uninsured several years into Obamacare are eligible for government assistance in buying coverage, a new survey shows.

In less than three weeks, the Obama administration will embark on the third enrollment period under the 2010 Affordable Care Act, where it faces the ongoing challenge of persuading those who have resisted obtaining health coverage to buy it. About 32 million people, or about 11 percent of the U.S. population, are still uninsured.

Of those, 49 percent are eligible for Medicaid, the federal insurance program for the poor, or for federal subsidies to help pay for private plans purchased in new online marketplaces, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation analysis released Tuesday.

In one sense, that's good news for healthcare advocates trying to help the uninsured enroll, because it indicates many who otherwise might struggle to afford health coverage can qualify for assistance. But experts broadly acknowledge that the remaining uninsured are the hardest population to reach, since they have resisted buying coverage or are unaware of the opportunity to buy it over the two enrollment periods.