Study: More young kids getting sick from e-cigarettes

More young children are getting sick from e-cigarettes, according to a new study that comes on the heels of a federal ban on the cigarettes for minors.

From January 2012-April 2015, the National Poison Data System received nearly 30,000 calls for nicotine and tobacco product exposures among children younger than six years old. The most exposures were from cigarettes with 60 percent, followed by other tobacco products at 16 percent and e-cigarettes at 14 percent, according to the findings detailed in the journal Pediatrics.

The monthly number of exposures associated with e-cigarettes increased by nearly 1,500 percent from January 2012-April 2015.

But even though more kids got sick from traditional cigarettes, those exposed to e-cigarettes were more likely to go to the doctor.