Sen. Ted Cruz Confident About Chances Of New Hampshire Congressional Hopeful, Marilinda Garcia

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Senator Ted Cruz says New Hampshire is “ground zero” for Republicans hoping to gain control of the Senate in November.

The Texas senator was in New Hampshire stumping for Marilinda Garcia, a Republican hopeful for the House of Representatives from the 2nd district, and hoping to energize Republican voters to turn out for the midterm election.

“We are 58 days out from the election in November and I think that the election is going to be a very good election. I believe Republicans are going to retake the U.S. Senate. I think we are going to defeat Harry Reid as majority leader,” Cruz told Fox News Latino.

The presumed Republican candidate, Scott Brown, formerly of Massachusetts, has been trending in polls pitting him against the Democratic incumbent, Jeanne Shaheen.

Garcia, a state representative and the GOP favorite in Tuesday's primary, would also have an uphill climb in November against another incumbent, Ann McLane Kuster. She has already received an outpouring of support from fellow Latino politicians, including the former governor of Puerto Rico, Luis Fortuño.

Even so, at a rally hosted by the Garcia campaign, Cruz boldly introduced Garcia as "the next congresswoman from the state of New Hampshire.”

Following his formal endorsement of the candidate, Cruz said he is confident Garcia will win the primary. “I think Marilinda Garcia is an incredibly exciting candidate. I had a chance to sit down and visit with her several months ago and we’ve continued an ongoing conversation. She’s a strong conservative, she’s principled, she’s an elected legislator here in New Hampshire and she understands that freedom works,” he told FNL.

Garcia was elected to the state legislature at the age of 23 and has continued to grow in political stature. She has garnered national attention and has been tapped by the Republican National Committee as a “rising star.”

Cruz tells FNL that he believes she is ready to lead on the national stage. “She is a strong, positive, optimistic, charismatic leader for the state of New Hampshire, and I’m convinced she will stand and fight for the citizens of New Hampshire rather than getting sucked into Washington, D.C., and listening to the special interest down there.”

The Texas senator has boasted highly of Garcia’s conservative values and political amiability. “If you support the bill of rights, the constitution, and the liberty that God gave every single American, then vote for Marilinda Garcia,” Cruz said as the crowd erupted in to cheers and applause for the candidate.

“Representative Kuster self-describes as one of the strongest supporters of the president and his administration and all its policies. Many people around the country have a problem with that, they don’t want to see her succeed as a cheerleader for what’s happening in Washington these days,” Garcia told Fox News Latino.

Garcia adds that regardless of the outcome in the primary, she is thankful to serve as a voice of influence and encouragement.

“If I have empowered others or inspired others," she said, "be it young people, women, minorities or just those that share my values to just get out there be more out spoken and engage in the political process, then that’s a win.”

Senator Cruz showed confidence in Garcia’s primary prospects telling FNL he plans to be back in New Hampshire when, not if, Garcia wins the primary.

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