Sen. Scott on ObamaCare: 'I fear the worst is still to come'

The problems with the ObamaCare sign-up website may be just the first of many to plague the health care law rollout, Sen. Tim Scott said Monday, telling Fox News' Greta Van Susteren "if it’s this bad now, I fear the worst is still to come."

Scott, R-S.C., said he believes using the word "glitches" to describe the website's issues does not begin to cover what he says is an "absolute failure."

"We have hundreds of thousands of experts in Silicon Valley and across this nation who spend their time building websites," he said on "On the Record." "We ought to hire experts to build websites and this is just another example of how challenging it really is when you turn something over to the government that could be better done in the private sector."

Scott says his "great fear" is that the ObamaCare website problems are only the tip of the iceberg.

"After 15 years in the insurance industry I will tell you that the reality of it is this: if it’s hard on the front end, it’s going to be really painful when we get to paying, having to take care of claims, having to take care of people," he said. "This is a real challenge and if it’s this bad now, I fear the worst is still to come."