Scott Brown Writes a Book

Legions of Scott Brown fans will now get to read his story of how he was able to swipe a seat from Democrats in the very blue state of Massachusetts --- as the freshman Republican senator has accepted an offer to write a book.

According to his spokeswoman, Gail Gitcho, as first reported in Politico:

'Senator Brown is honored and humbled to be approached by many people who want him to tell his inspirational personal story about his life leading up to his election as a United State Senator from Massachusetts. He will tell his story in a book in hopes of providing insight and encouragement to others and also to ensure that the record is complete and accurate. Part of the book proceeds will be donated to charity. Senator Brown will work with a collaborator so he can continue to focus fully on his service to the people of Massachusetts, which is, and always will be, his first priority.' --
President Obama's own literary agent, power lawyer Robert "Bob" Barnett of major league DC law firm Williams & Connolly has been hired on to help Brown through the process, according to a senior GOP aide.   Barnett is famous for representing an array of powerful people, from the Clintons to the Cheneys.
Senate rules allow for bookwriting, and Brown joins the ranks of a prolific group: Harry Reid, Arlen Specter, Evan Bayh, John Kerry, Kit Bond --- it's hard to think of a senator who HASN'T written a book!   Before publication, the bipartisan Senate Ethics Committee will have to approve of the tome.

Brown intends to donate part of the book proceeds to a charity to be announced at a later date, according ot the aide.