Russian President Medvedev Arrives in Prague Before President Obama

Russian President Dmitri Medvedev arrived in Prague a full 12 hours before President Obama who is scheduled to leave Wednesday evening at 7:30p est.  The two leaders are in the Czech Republic for the signing of the nuclear disarmament treaty which reduces the allowable number of long-range U.S. missiles and Russian nuclear warheads by about thirty-percent from previous agreed upon levels.  It also creates a verification process to ensure against cheating.

President Medvedev thanked Czech Republic President Vaclav Klaus for hosting both the United States and Russia while they sign a "very important document."  Calling the treaty, "important for the entire world," President Medvedev said "what happens tomorrow will set the tone for a process of non-proliferation in the world for the nearest future."

President Obama will arrive Thursday morning at 3:30am et.  He and President Medvedev will sign the new START Treaty at 5:50am et.  [foxlivestream]