Russia Pushing Global Leaders for Regulations to Prevent Future Oil Spills

The Gulf Coast oil spill that has plagued US wildlife and various industries is now having international effects. Famed environmental organization Greenpeace said Saturday that G-8 member Russia wants to add wording to the group's communique to protect international waters. Take a look at Fox Business Correspondent Peter Barnes' full story...

By Peter Barnes

With thousands of barrels of oil still leaking into the Gulf of Mexico, Russia is pushing global leaders meeting in Canada to endorse new international regulations on offshore drilling, according to Greenpeace, an international environmental group.

Greenpeace said the Russian delegation to the G-8, which represents the richest industrial countries, was pushing them to back new drilling rules in the G-8 communique.

"Drawing the lessons from the recent catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, we recognize the need to develop international mechanisms and procedures in regulating activities on protecting marine environment, preventing accidents related to offshore exploration and development, and dealing with their consequences if they occur," a Russian-proposed addition to the communique said, according to Greenpeace.

The final G-8 communique released earlier today made no mention of the gulf oil spill. The G-20, a broader group of developed and developing countries that meets today in Toronto, will issue a communique of its own on Sunday.

The BP oil spill in the gulf is at the top of the agenda in a meeting today between President Obama and the new British prime minister, David Cameron.

"Oil continues to gush into the Gulf," said Philip Radford, U.S. executive director of Greenpeace. "Russia is proposing policies at the G-8 that would allow offshore oil drilling while 'dealing with their consequences if [accidents] occur.' "

Radford added, "This meeting is the moment for the U.S. and the U.K. to come together to spearhead an ambitious plan to move the world beyond oil, end fossil fuel subsidies, and revive the global economy with green energy investments. "

Spokespeople for the Russian delegation could not immediately be reached for comment.