Romney Communications Team Squares off with Democratic Counterparts

The Romney campaign communications seemed to throw their operation into a higher gear Monday, holding multiple conference calls with surrogates across the country to assail President Obama's record.

The conference calls went on all day and included surrogates such as former Minnesota Gov. and presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty as well as former Florida Sen. Mel Martinez. The calls were a direct response to a web video and TV ad released by the Democratic National Committee, which paints Romney as a serial flip-flopper.

Pawlenty said President Obama is "misguided, ill-prepared, stumbling, bumbling, the Barney Fife of presidents when it comes to the economy."

In all, the Romney campaign hosted 12 conference calls on Monday, flexing some organizational muscle. While all of the calls were aimed at Obama, the Romney campaign maintains they are still focused on the primary campaign. "In no way is this primary over yet," said Romney communications director Gail Gitcho. "We're certainly not taking it for granted."

Not to be outdone, the DNC also held a conference call to follow up on their hard-hitting ad. "Our leaders need to know where they stand. Trying to figure out where Mitt Romney is on a given issue can be quite frankly, exhausting," said the DNC's Brad Woodhouse. "It must be just as tiring for him, when you take every position under the sun, it can't be easy to remember what you're supposed to believe today."