Reagan Centennial: Memories of the 40th President

Feb. 6 would be the 100th birthday of Ronald Reagan, the 40th president of the United States.

Love him or hate him, Reagan had a major impact on the course of events that the world is still feeling today. To mark Reagan's birthday, Fox News has produced a series of vignettes recalling some of the lightest and heaviest moments of the Reagan administration.

Also, check out other Reagan centennial coverage this week. Here's the latest:

Reagan at 100: The 40th President, American Security and Missile Defense

Now, take a look at the attached videos and vote for your favorite at the bottom. 

And feel free to leave a comment below on your own favorite -- or least favorite -- Reagan moments.

A. Ronald Reagan and Religion

B. Ronald Reagan: Win One for the Gipper

C. Ronald Reagan: The Long Goodbye

D. Ronald Reagan: Love Affair to Remember