President Obama to Send Jobs Bill to Congress Monday Evening

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President Obama is expected to send the American Jobs Act to Congress Monday evening, according to a White House official. He's set to make the announcement from the Rose Garden Monday.

Sending the actual bill comes after Obama made a major address to a joint session of Congress last Thursday evening outlining his vision. It's unclear exactly how the bill will be "sent."

In the Rose Garden event, he'll be joined by Americans who the White House says will benefit from the bill, including teachers, police officers, firefighters, construction workers, small business owners, and veterans.

During his speech Thursday, he encouraged Congress 16 times to "pass the bill."

Obama will continue going on the road to sell his jobs plan. He was in Richmond, Virginia Friday and Tuesday will be in Columbus, Ohio. Then Wednesday he'll stop in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.

On the following Monday, September 19, Obama will lay out a broader deficit reduction plan that will include his proposals to the so-called debt and deficit Super Committee on Capitol Hill.

White House aides tell Fox News that the two plans will provide at least $2 trillion in deficit savings.

The administration has insisted that the jobs bill will be fully paid for. They're expected to put forward proposals that are from the White House's wish list from the summer debt deal that didn't get passed, like closing tax loopholes and raising taxes for the highest income-earners.