President Obama Misses One Facebook Milestone, But Grabs Another

President Obama's Facebook page reached a milestone Tuesday, becoming the first politician to have 10-million fans. As of this writing he has 10,144,027.

Recently he was in a tight unofficial race with pop mega-star Lady Gaga to be the first living person to hit the 10-million mark. Lady Gaga beat out the president, hitting the magic number last Friday.

The only other living person who is beating Obama right now is actor Vin Diesel who currently has 10,550,675 fans. Gaga has 11,363,699.

The president’s page is run by his political arm Organizing for America, who orchestrated a strong online component for the president while he was campaigning in 2008. They sent out a message thanking supporters for helping make the feat happen.

Former President George W. Bush just joined Facebook about a month ago and has 204, 694 fans.