Power Play: What to Watch Tomorrow

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In the final week of every campaign, undecided voters make up their mind and races tighten. Fox News colleague Carl Cameron will be in New York state, where several House seats held by Democrats are in danger of turning Republican.


Senator Patty Murray is still deadlocked in the polls with Republican challenger Dino Rossi. Murray has brought in every Democrat heavyweight imaginable in the last few weeks including the president, the first lady, the vice president and former President Clinton. Rossi uses this and issues like earmarks to argue that Murray is representing the wrong Washington -- the one on the Potomac. Fox News colleague Dan Springer will have the latest out of the Pacific Northwest.


In Minnesota, it's called "The Election Integrity Watch." Texas has "True the Vote." Conservative citizen groups are popping up to watch polling places on Election Day, with volunteers on the lookout for potential vote fraud. In Minnesota, the volunteers will be asked to photograph and videotape suspected irregularities and, in some cases, follow buses that take voters to the polls. Citizen and state party groups have a legal right to watch over polling operations and even challenge individual voters, election lawyers say. Some even argue that the more people monitoring polls, the better, given that cash-strapped election administrators are perennially short of resources and poll workers, a problem exacerbated by state budget crises. That doesn't mean the practice doesn't have its critics though. Michael Waldman, executive director of the Brennan Center for Justice at New York says the trend presents "a new and ongoing risk of actions that could amount to voter intimidation and voter suppression." Fox News colleague Eric Shawn reports on this tomorrow.


The effort to court one of the most reliable voting blocs, the elderly, has reached a fevered pitch. Democrats have been trying to move the needle with seniors by running ads claiming Republicans will dismantle social security. But their efforts expose a deeper problem Democrats face: They have struggled to maintain support among seniors in recent years, even as they have racked up large margins among young adults. Voters older than 65 were the one age group that did not back Barack Obama in 2008, and their disenchantment has only grown since he took office, especially after healthcare overhaul was passed this year. Fox News colleague Jim Angle will have that story.


Will marijuana legalization hurt or help California? That's the issue that will be debated until Election Day in California where voters get to decide whether they want to legalize a drug that's still illegal in the eyes of the federal government. The RAND corporation came out with a study saying that even if California legalizes marijuana, it won't do anything to quell drug trafficking and violence from Mexico, even though that's one of the main arguments that pro-legalization proponents have stated. Fox News colleague Adam Housley will give us a look at the brewing controversy.


With GOP candidates hoping to take control of more seats and change the balance of power in Congress, many political insiders suggest the anti-Obama sentiment will trickle down the ballot and affect state and local races as well. Fox News colleague Mike Tobin will be in Indiana, which is one of 16 states that allows straight ticket voting.


Fox News colleague Catherine Herridge pursues new details involving the case of Farooque Ahmed, charged Wednesday for plotting a terrorist attack targeting the DC subway system. Authorities say Ahmed thought he was working with al-Qaida operatives who were in fact FBI agents.