Power Play Video: Gasparino: Obama Will Struggle to Explain Economy and Early Health Care Focus

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On Friday's Power Play w/ Chris Stirewalt Fox Business News' Charlie Gasparino said the president will struggle to explain the economy as the nation moves toward election day in 2012. He says nine-plus percent unemployment for four years will cause voters to look back at the White House focus on health care in its early days.

"The president is going to have a really difficult time explaining this economy," Gasparino said. "He inherited a bad hand but I'll tell you, the visage of him pushing health care while we had nine-plus percent unemployment is going to be a hard thing to explain away because people are not used to having this level of joblessness in this country.

The president is on a 10-day vacation in Martha's Vineyard and has said he'll present a new economic plan when he gets back from the exclusive Massachusetts island.

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