Power Play Update: What to Watch Thursday -- Worked Like a Job

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-- Friday will see new jobless numbers for September, and if today's forecasts are any indication, the news will not be good. As the White House touts the efficacy of the Obama stimulus this week, the jobs numbers provide a reminder of the deep frustration felt by many of the president's 2008 supporters.

Keeping liberals enthusiastic by vilifying Republicans and catering to the policy concerns of interest groups is one thing. Getting mainstream Democrats fired up about going to the polls when the party hasn't helped deliver a more robust economy is quite another.

-- This election cycle, some politicians are doing whatever it takes to extend their careers: switching parties, going to court, and running write-in campaigns. American voters say they are more frustrated than ever with "career" politicians, but Lisa Murkowski, Arlen Specter, Charlie Crist, Parker Griffin and Roland Burris either switched parties, launched write-in attempts or went to court to keep their careers alive.

FOX News colleague Dan Springer will report.

-- Carl Cameron will be in Springfield Missouri, hometown of Rep. Roy Blunt, for a dispatch on the Show Me State Senate race between Blunt and Democrat Robin Carnahan. The two are standard-bearers for powerful political families in the state and well known to voters. It once promised to be a nail-biter, but Blunt has consistently led in polls as President Obama's ratings in the state have fallen.