Hispanic evangelical group slams the Iran nuclear deal

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The National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference condemned the terms of the Iranian nuclear deal in a statement released Friday, calling the agreement "not only bad; it is very dangerous."

"Last week, American negotiators and their negotiating partners signed off on an agreement that is supposed to tame Iran's once-secret and long-denied nuclear weapons program," the Hispanic evangelical group said. "The original goal was to prevent Iran from having any pathway to nuclear weapons. Unfortunately, this agreement falls far short of the original goals."

The organization follows in the footsteps of a slew of others including the pro-Israel lobbying group American Israel Public Affairs Committee, several 2016 presidential candidates and Republican and Democratic members of Congress.

Among the grievances mentioned in the statement, NHCLC criticized the deal's lack of "anytime, anywhere" inspections of nuclear facilities, terms that allow some uranium-producing centrifuges to remain intact and the lifting of bans on conventional weapons ban and sanctions.

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