Government watchdog group calls for investigation into Democratic FEC official

A government watchdog group is calling for an investigation into whether a Democratic Federal Election Commission official violated federal ethics laws after demanding President Donald Trump provide evidence of voter fraud, which is outside of the FEC’s jurisdiction.

The Washington Free Beacon first reported that FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub potentially ran afoul of ethics rules after using her position to call for Trump to produce evidence of claims that he and former Sen. Kelly Ayotte lost in New Hampshire due to voter fraud.

Weintraub released an official statement using an FEC header on Feb. 10 asking Trump to substantiate his claims of voter fraud. Weintraub continued her campaign online and attempted to recruit celebrities in her efforts. Additionally, she appeared on television in her official capacity to discuss her efforts.

Cause of Action, a Washington, D.C.-based public interest law firm, is now asking FEC Inspector General Lynne A. McFarland to open an investigation into whether Weintraub violated ethics laws when she used government property and official time to call on President Trump to produce the evidence.

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