Donald Trump leads in Miami-Dade County – at least in terms of poll watchers

Donald Trump is way ahead of his political opponents – at least in terms of the number of poll workers in Miami-Dade County on Election Day.

The real estate magnate has 46 registered poll watchers working on Tuesday, according to The Miami Herald, which cited figures from the Miami-Dade Elections Department. The other candidates have none.

Juan Fiol, Trump’s campaign vice chairman in Miami-Dade, explains that they have a large number of poll watchers because they have so many supporters who want to volunteer in any way, shape or form to help their candidate.

“We have more volunteers than anybody else,” Fiol said.“A lot of people ask to volunteer.”

Poll watchers are a commonly used during the general election to make sure the precincts are operating without any hiccups. They are rarely used during a primary race – though experts say it doesn’t hurt to use them.

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“Poll watching provides verification that the process is running smoothly,” J.C. Planas, an adjunct professor of elections law at St. Thomas University told the Miami Herald. “I consider it an important part of any campaign’s legal strategy to make sure that the process is fair.”

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