Details on President Obama's Medical Exam Released: Tobacco Free and "Fit at Fifty"

The White House released details on President Obama's latest medical exam, showing that he is tobacco free and "fit at fifty."

This was his second exam as president, and was performed by Navy campaign and physician to the president, Dr. Jeff Kuhlman and a couple of other specialists.

The purpose of the exam is to give the public a candid medical assessment of the president's ability to perform duties of office.

Kuhlman reports that the president is tobacco-free, physically fit, eats a healthy diet, stays at a healthy weighty and occasionally drinks alcohol in moderation.

Obama openly entered office as a smoker, but used nicotine gum and says he's been able to kick the habit, even under the stresses of the office.

Last year Obama got elbowed in a basketball game and busted his lip. For that, the doctor said there was a "Well-healed lower lip laceration."

Also his cholesterol has stayed down after a brief rise following his first year in office. It had jumped to 209, at the time, then White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs joked about having a White House pastry chef possibly didn't help and that the president would work on it. It's now at 193. His weight is 181.3 pounds and his blood pressure is 107/71mm Hg.

In closing, the doctor said the president is "fit for duty" and "fit at fifty."

His last physical was done in February of 20010 and his next one is recommended for December 2012, just after the re-election.