Dem lawmaker introduces bill to 'make America great again'

A Democratic congressman from California says he's written "the best bill ever written."

Poking fun at Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's slogan "Make America Great Again," Rep. Tony Cardenas wrote in a press release, "[t]his law is going to be so good and so smart that it will completely make America great again. America is going to be the best."

H.R.3938, introduced on Thursday, proposes to rename the Van Nuys post office, located in the Northwest Los Angeles area, to the "Marilyn Monroe Post Office." The actress attended Van Nuys High School in the 1940s and had said her time living in Van Nuys as the happiest in her life.

"All of the pieces of legislation introduced this year have been losers," said Cardenas. "Anyone can negotiate a multi-year transportation funding program, but in order to do what I've done, you have to be able to make deals. That is the reason I was elected, because I know how to make deals and I've got the best people, and they also know how to make deals. That's how we got this done."