Conway rips anti-Trump super PAC: ‘They’ve all failed’

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White House counselor Kellyanne Conway is slamming a group of Republican political consultants who steer an anti-Trump super PAC that was co-founded by her husband.

“They’ve all failed. They never succeeded the way I did as campaign manager, and they never got their candidate where my candidate got. He’s president of the United States — mostly because of what he did, and the vice president. They were our two greatest assets,” Conway touted on Thursday during an interview with Harris Faulkner on Fox News’ ‘Outnumbered Overtime.’

The group – known as The Lincoln Project – told Fox News on Wednesday that they raised $1 million in the 20 hours after President Trump slammed them over their new ad taking aim at the president’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The group said they’ll use the money they hauled in to now run the spot – which had been getting free media attention so far – on broadcast television and online in key general election battleground states.


The Lincoln Project on Monday tweeted out their one-minute commercial, which is titled “Mourning in America" and is a riff on the successful "Morning in America" ad by President Ronald Reagan’s 1984 reelection team.

“Today, more than 60,000 Americans have died from the deadly virus Donald Trump ignored. With the economy in shambles, more than 26 million Americans are out of work. The worst economy in decades,” the narrator of the dark and foreboding spot argues.

In the ad, the narrator charges that “under the leadership of Donald Trump, our country is weaker sicker and poorer,” and then asks “if we have another four years like this, will there even be an America?"

The Lincoln Project was formed late last year by some of the most well-known Never Trumpers in the nation. Among them are Conway’s husband, George Conway, as well as Republican consultants John Weaver, Steve Schmidt and Rick Wilson, who were among the leading political advisers to the late Sen. John McCain. Weaver was also the top political adviser for then-Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s 2016 presidential campaign. McCain lost both of his bids for the White House – and Kasich also twice ran unsuccessfully for president.


Hours after their ad grabbed limited attention on social media, Trump fired away at the group on Twitter, after midnight Eastern time.

A group of RINO Republicans who failed badly 12 years ago, then again 8 years ago, and then got BADLY beaten by me, a political first timer, 4 years ago, have copied (no imagination) the concept of an ad from Ronald Reagan, 'Morning in America', doing everything possible to get even for all of their many failures,” the president blasted.

That was the first of four tweets. The president lashed out at the group again on Tuesday, once again calling them “RINO losers.”

RINO stands for "Republican in name only."

But the fierce response by the president may have backfired, by boosting the group’s fundraising and giving their anti-Trump ad more attention.

On Wednesday, Weaver told Fox News that “12 hours of insane rage attacks by Donald Trump accelerated views of Mourning in America by millions and motivated thousands of Americans to donate to our effort to oust him and his enablers. The Lincoln Project won't be intimidated by him or his low traveling allies.”


On Thursday, asked why the president didn’t ignore the group and their ad, Conway told Fox News “mostly he does. Once in a while he doesn’t. But he also wanted to expose a number of the people in that group who act like they’re so dignified and holier than thou than everyone. Nobody ever says what their track record is.”