Clinton and Sanders argue about single-payer price tag

After listening to socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders pledge to implement a single-payer healthcare system and free college education for all, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had enough.

Sanders, who is running for president as a Democrat in 2016, argued for a "speculation tax on Wall Street" to pay for the free college education program, but Clinton said that just wouldn't cut it.

"I don't believe in free tuition for everybody," Clinton said during Saturday night's Democratic presidential debate. "One of the areas that Sen. Sanders touched on in talking about education and certainly in talking about healthcare is his commitment to really changing the systems — free college, a single-payer system for healthcare — and it's been estimated we're looking at about $18-20 trillion, about a 40 percent increase in the federal budget. I think we've got to be really thoughtful about how we're going to afford what we propose, which is why everything that I have proposed I will tell you exactly how I'm going to pay for it including college."

"Secretary Clinton is wrong," Sanders replied. "It is unfair simply to say how much more the program will cost without making sure that people know that we are doing away with the cost of private insurance and that the middle class will be paying substantially less for healthcare under single payer than under secretary Clinton's proposal."