The key takeaway from the first 2020 Democratic debate according to “Special Report” host Bret Baier?

Former Vice President Joe Biden had a “pretty good night.”

“He wasn’t mentioned once,” Baier told “America’s Newsroom” anchor Sandra Smith on Thursday.

On Wednesday, ten Democratic presidential candidates took the stage in downtown Miami for the first of twelve debates in the 2020 election cycle. Another ten of their rivals will follow Thursday night.

Baier also said candidate Julian Castro “really made a name for himself. For people who have not been following the race, he obviously had a town hall here on Fox News, but he came out of the shadows and was the most searched on Google as far as a candidate on the debate stage.”

Castro has struggled for months to burst through in the crowded field.

In addition, Baier told Smith, “The centrist approach that (former Democratic representative John) Delaney was laying out on health care got him applause in the hall. I think it would be interesting to watch Delaney if Biden somehow has a stumble, there may be a flight to safety as far as the Democrats looking for a center option. He’s a center option.”