Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who recently re-registered as a Democrat, added another $10 million to the Democratic Party's efforts to take back the House and Senate.

The majority of the money from the last-minute boost will help fund an ad buy though Bloomberg's super PAC, Independence USA PAC, and the ad will begin airing Friday online and on television in eight cities – Chicago, Seattle, Detroit, Kansas City, Miami, Orlando, Portland and Atlanta. The ad, titled, "National Economy," will also air on national cable outlets, including MSNBC and CNN, according to CNN.

The ad castigates Republicans and suggests Democrats are more committed to cutting taxes for the middle class. It comes during a midterm cycle that has several Democrats mulling a potential 2020 presidential bid. "In Washington, one party is calling the shots and the middle class isn't being heard," an ad narrator says.

"It's clearer than ever that we need a new Congress," Bloomberg said in a statement to CNN. "With the midterm elections less than two weeks away, we're taking this message from coast to coast and urging voters to elect Democrats to the House and the Senate."

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