Behind the Scenes: DC's Makeshift Earthquake Bureau

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The Fox News DC bureau is located right in the heart of the nation's capitol, just across the street from the Capitol building itself.  So after the 5.8 earthquake rocked the city and forced the evacuations of buildings all across town - the entire DC staff had to evacuate, too.

So what happens when a news organization can't even access its own building in the middle of a huge news story?  We bring the bureau outside.  To the sidewalk.  In the heat.  With limited equipment and spotty phone service.  But we make it work.

Our live truck set up outside, with a whiteboard full of information:

FNC staffers gather on the sidewalk:

Bill Sammon and Dave Shott address the troops:

The truck - and the whiteboard - become the center of the makeshift bureau:

The assignment desk sets up on the sidewalk:

Producers compare notes on the ground:

Shannon Bream gets ready to go live outside the bureau: