Bad Economic News will Further Strain Democratic Unity

There will be a slew of new economic data out soon -- indicators on inflation, retail sales, consumer confidence and business inventories. And based on what we saw Thursday with the highest number of new unemployment claims since February, few expect the news to be good. " target="_blank">Survey after ">survey shows that Americans are souring in their outlook on the economy and President Obama's handling of it. Democratic hopes that the economy would be at least on the path to recovery by now have been dashed. The more real consideration is whether the country is actually headed for the second trough of a double-dip recession.

The latest FOX News/Opinion Dynamics poll has some interesting advice from voters to President Obama. Americans may still blame George W. Bush for the sorry state of the economy, but they're tired of hearing Obama talk about it. Bush still leads Obama 47 percent to 32 percent when voters are parceling out blame for the economy (17 percent blame both equally), but a jaw-dropping 76 percent say it is not appropriate for Obama to continue to blame his predecessor - that includes 57 percent of Democrats. Only 29 percent believe the Obama stimulus prevented a depression, as the president claims.

Most of the rest of the month for Obama will be given over to raising campaign cash and vacationing with his family. When Obama returns to Washington at the end of the month, he will find that the political current is pushing hard against him and his party and that there is no time to reverse course. Many Democrats are already putting maximum distance between themselves and the president, but as voters increasingly fault Obama for not doing enough to fix the economy - or even making it worse - the president will find a party that once quivered at his oratory is now telling him to buzz off.