As Florida Race Heats Up, Gringrich’s Daughter Speaks About the Latino Vote

Just a day before the crucial Florida Primary, Kathy Gingrich-Lubbers, daughter of GOP candidate Newt Gingrich, is hitting the road in a last ditch effort to get the word out about why her father should be the Republican nominee for President.

But she acknowledges it may be too late.

"You know, I am not sure that he will win South Florida but the polls are doing better,"  Gingrich-Lubbers said during an exclusive interview with FOX News Latino Monday. "We are hopeful, clearly, that people of Florida will turn out to vote."

Newt Gingrich is in a four-way race to win Florida's presidential primary, which could potentially award the winner all 50 of the state's delegates on Tuesday. The winner also takes with him momentum for the next round of caucuses and Super Tuesday on March 6.

Gingrich-Lubbers says they've been working hard throughout the Sunshine State to target Florida's large Hispanic population.

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"We actually address it as Hispanic inclusion. My father says that - you know - outreach is a bunch of white guys in a room and they make some decisions and then they call the Latins up and tell them what they are gonna do, whereas what we've been doing from the beginning is including Latins in the conversation."

Florida's primary comes a little more than a week after Gingrich's win in South Carolina, and after Mitt Romney's win in New Hampshire and Rick Santorum's Iowa Caucus victory. But the ground he gained in South Carolina has been fading. A Quinnipiac University poll released today shows Romney in a double digit lead in Florida, 43 percent over 29 percent among likely GOP primary voters over the former House Speaker.

But Gingrich-Lubbers isn't letting the pundits and polls get her down. The oldest of two sisters, Gingrich-Lubbers is running part of her father's campaign from her home on Miami's island suburb of Key Biscayne. Her sister, Jackie Cushman, does the same from Atlanta, Georgia.

Gingrich-Lubbers and her husband Paul moved to South Florida 12 years ago. She loves her home and has fully embraced the Hispanic roots of the South Florida community. "I wanted to become engaged with the community; it was important for me, personally, to learn the language. I love the culture, I love the language, I love the people so it was - fun, it's not fluent by any means."

As for if her father will win, and include Florida Senator Marco Rubio as his Vice-Presidential nominee or cabinet member, she said: "I would have to say that I'd hope that he'd be strongly considered, but I don't know the truth as far as whether or not that question is going to happen. They've been very good friends for years and years and years and I know that Senator Rubio is a leader of the party and a leader of the Hispanic community. And we are hopeful that if the opportunity does come out that he would be supportive of my father."

Lubbers-Gingrich already cast her Florida absentee ballot for her father. She will do some last-minute interviews and continue her campaign here and on the next stop in Nevada.

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Ivonne Amor is based in Miami, Florida. She can be reached at or follow her on twitter @ivonneamor1

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