Ann Romney: I dont' consider myself to be wealthy

Mitt Romney's wife says she doesn't consider herself to be wealthy -- at least she doesn't think about it any permanent, existential sense.

In an interview Monday on Fox News, the Republican presidential front-runner's wife, Ann Romney, was asked about criticism that her husband is out of touch with average Americans. He is worth upwards of $250 million.

Mrs. Romney said her struggle with multiple sclerosis has given her compassion for people who are suffering from MS, cancer or other diseases. She added that people can be poor of spirit so she measures her wealth by the fullness of her relationships.

"I don't even consider myself wealthy, which is an interesting thing. It can be here today and gone tomorrow," she said, "and how I measure riches is by the friends I have and the loved ones I have and the people I care about in my life and that is where my values are and those are my riches so for me having done through a difficult period in my life both with MS and with breast cancer it has done something to my heart and it has softened my heart and made me realize there are many people suffering in this country and they are suffering from things that aren't financial -- and some people are suffering from things that are financial, as well -- but those that are suffering, for me, I just have a larger capacity for love and for understanding."