Greg Gutfeld: Democrats' strategy provides cover for the White, rich, liberal racists

Liberals can vote for far-left policies because they aren't affected by the consequences

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You know, after Tuesday's Democrat bloodbath, you see more finger-pointing than at a Johnny Depp divorce. 

And most of it is directed at all those damn evil White people. Right, Tiff? 

TIFFANY CROSS, MSNBC HOST: This isn't about enthusiasm. This isn't about Democrats not doing enough to exercise their base, and this definitely is not about messaging or even about beloved. This is about the fact that a good chunk of voters out there are OK with White supremacy. Let's call the thing a thing. Actually, scratch that. 

Scratch what? that's kind of gross. Maybe, maybe get an ointment. 

So, yeah, the Democrats lost because voters love White supremacy, especially the 54% of Hispanic White supremacists who voted for Youngkin. 


Those damn Hispanic White supremacists again with their White supremacist tango in their White supremacist tamales. 

You've heard this White supremacist crap all over at MSNBC. This network was the worst idea Bill Gates ever had besides hanging out with Jeffrey Epstein. 

I shouldn’t have said "hanging."

Anyway, too soon.

That place, that network, lies to their viewers more than the guy who sold me those blue pills on Craigslist. Rock hard my ass. 

But they blame Whiteness for Virginia's election while saying CRT doesn't exist. It makes me miss the Clinton era when the Dems were really good at lying. 

So Cross was filling in for the homophobic blogger turned pundit Joy Reid, who had said the same thing. 

JOY REID: It was education, which is code for White parents don't like the idea of teaching about race. 

Yes, because if there's one thing missing in our educational system, it's America's history of racism. Yeah, and what's missing in this strip club is the smell of desperation and baby powder. 

Virginia Republican gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin speaks during his election night party at a hotel in Chantilly, Virginia, U.S., November 3, 2021.

Virginia Republican gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin speaks during his election night party at a hotel in Chantilly, Virginia, U.S., November 3, 2021. (REUTERS/ Jonathan Ernst)

It is funny, though. How could someone named Joy Reid be so joyless and not read? 

There are countless articles out there on CRT and how often it's being taught in schools. 

So Joy and Tiffany said the same thing, like people who plan to lie often will. 

It's like MSNBC has only one brain in the freezer and in the handoff they must have dropped it numerous times. 

But what if they're right? In fact, there are lots of voters who are OK with White supremacy. It's just that they vote Democrat, and not just because they supported Governor Northam, who either wore blackface or a Klan hood. He never did tell us which. 

Either way, no white sheets after Labor Day. 


But the most affluent places in America are Arlington, Fairfax, and Loudoun counties, which are all in Virginia.

There, people make six figures or even seven figures. They're the kind of folks who can afford Hunter Biden's artwork and drug habit. 

And they vote Democrat Overwhelmingly, knowing that only leads to paying much higher taxes. 

As the New York Times points out, affluent suburbs went bluer than a Smurf choking on a marble. 

They didn't say that I did, but McAuliffe won 77% of the vote in Arlington. So these are voters who know they're going to pay way more under a Democrat, but they do it anyway, whether it's in taxes at the gas pump or buying medical devices online. 

FYI, catheters come in handy when you can't make it to the bathroom. Trust me. 

So while pocketbook issues matter to Blacks, they don't matter to these rich, White, liberal racists. 

Ask yourself, if you voted Republican, are you just trying to save some money so you can fill your tank with gas? Or are you racist? 

Maybe everyone who drives is racist.


But the rich, White, liberal racists can afford stuff like climate change spending, defunding the cops, unregulated immigration, COVID lockdowns, and no cash bail. But no one else really can. 

Just ask Minneapolis, where a majority of Blacks just voted against replacing the police department. Getting rid of the police is a popular idea with White college kids in safe neighborhoods, but not so much with people who might be murdered. 

See, unlike working-class Blacks, rich White, liberal racists, they can handle it. When you're White and rich, you can vote for anything that will destroy an urban area faster than a case of whippets on Kat’s brain cells. 

You can raise taxes on the White, liberal racists. They can handle it. You can defund the police, they can handle it. They're in gated communities and can afford private security. And it's OK if their security has guns. 

Immigration, they love the cheap labor. It takes care of their hedges, and it really only affects border states, right? 

COVID lockdowns are fine. They have enough cash tucked away to endure a few years watching "The View" in their underpants. Or they have government jobs where they're used to doing nothing. 

No cash bail. They love that virtue signal. Look how it empties evil prisons, especially since those repeat offenders end up in the Bronx or other places the White, rich, liberal racist only sees in gritty movies starring other rich White liberals who can't shoot guns. And at least one who can. 

And CRT, White, rich, liberal, racist don't mind it because all their kids go to pricey private schools just like Terry McAuliffe's brats. 

They love school choice as long as poor people can't afford it. But at least the public school kids are getting laid by their teachers, something I missed. Why did I go to Catholic school? 

Anyway, you’ve got to wonder, even if you're a White, rich liberal, why wouldn't you also want secure borders, school choice and safe streets? 

That way, minorities could also make a better life for themselves. Is it because the White, rich liberal is racist? 


Perhaps they need minorities to have problems the government causes, so they'll look to the government to solve them. I wonder what the Angry Black Male thinks.

Tyrus, Angry Black Male: (playing monopoly): Yes. Yes! With hotels. New York, I own it. One thousand dollars. No, the ballgame. 

Monopoly competitor: The only reason you're winning is because of racism. 

Tyrus: I'm sorry. No, the reason why I'm - what racism? I'm winning because you rolled a six. One two three four five six. 

Monopoly competitor: Let me just stop you right there. 

Tyrus: What kind of racism are you talking about? 

Monopoly competitor: The game that we are playing is racist. 

Tyrus: So White supremacists are helping me, a Black man, win monopoly. 

Monopoly competitor: That's the game, right? 

TYRUS: I'm playing Monopoly, what game are you playing? 

So the leftist media claims the White working class are racists for voting for Republicans when it's the White working class that shares the same concerns that the Black working class does. And that's about crime, education, taxes and inflation. 


The fact is, the blame whitey strategy provides cover for the White, rich, liberal racists. 

Racism may come in many forms, but it's not always a noose on a doorknob. Sometimes it's a Caucasian progressive with seven figures in the bank and an illegal nanny in the guest room. 

This article is adapted from Greg Gutfeld's opening monologue on the November 4, 2021 edition of "Gutfeld!"