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Fox & Friends, 6 a.m. ET: Special guests include: Jordan Sekulow, a member of Trump's legal team, gives a preview of what the president's impeachment trial defense will look like. Forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden on evidence from Jeffrey Epstein's autopsy pointing to murder, not suicide

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Varney & Co., 9 a.m. ET: Larry Kudlow, director of the National Economic Council under President Trump.

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The Fox News Rundown podcast: "Mutual Assured Destruction": Chris Wallace on How a  Trump Impeachment Senate Trial May Play Out - The Senate impeachment trial of President Trumpis set to start in earnest next Tuesday. This will only be the third time in American history a U.S. president faces an impeachment trial and no one is quite sure what to expect. Chris Wallace, host of "Fox News Sunday," anticipates what we might see in a Senate Trial and the impact it will have on the 2020 Race.

Also on the Rundown: The U.S. Virgin Islands filed a civil lawsuit against the estate of deceased convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, claiming he raped and abused girls as young as 11 years old on his private islands. Fox News national correspondent Bryan Llenas explains the details of the lawsuit and their significance. Plus, Fox News' Investigative Unit producer Perry Chiaramonte joins Bryan to discuss their exclusive interview with two new Epstein accusers.

Don't miss the good news with Tonya J. Powers. Plus, commentary by David Webb, Fox News contributor and the host of "Reality Check" on Fox Nation.

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The Brian Kilmeade Show, 9 a.m. ET: Special guests include: John Schneider on his new book; Shannon Bream, host of "Fox News @ Night" and more.