Jesse Watters on impeachment inquiry: Americans don't care about Ukraine

Jesse Watters dismissed the Democrat-led Trump impeachment inquiry Friday, saying that it was not a "sexy scandal" and that Democrats have failed to deliver anything convincing.

"These aren't household names. They aren't heavy hitters. Wake me up when the big dogs testify in public," Watters said on "The Five." "The other thing is, no one can find Ukraine on the map. If you ask the American people anything about Ukraine, they don't know a thing about it."


Watters claimed that Americans only care about a few counties in the world.

"They care about Saudi Arabia. They care about Israel," Watters said. "They care about Russia, China and Mexico. That's it. Ukraine doesn't rise to the level of a country that people care about."

Ahead of the first scheduled public hearings in the impeachment inquiry, President Trump maintained Friday that the all-consuming political storm surrounding the White House is actually making him “stronger” by energizing his voter base — while turning up his attacks on the intelligence community whistleblower who triggered the probe.

"The whistleblower is a disgrace to our country," Trump told reporters outside the White House, before leaving for a political event in Georgia. He went on to declare that the whistleblower's lawyer, Mark Zaid, "should be sued, and maybe for treason."


On "The Five," Watters argued that the Ukraine scandal was not as "sexy" as the earlier Russia investigation.

"It's absolutely not registering in the American people's [collective] brain because it's not a sexy scandal. Russia was sexy. There was intrigue. People had handcuffs on them, it was about an election," Watters said. "This has no intrigue whatsoever. And the Democrats have failed to deliver any sort of convincing narrative."