Dr. Marc Siegel sounds off on three coronavirus restrictions that make no sense ahead of holiday weekend

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Fox News medical contributor Dr. Marc Siegel joined "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Friday to highlight some of what he described as the most ridiculous coronavirus restrictions heading into Memorial Day weekend.

"[New York City] Mayor Bill de Blasio says he's going to open the beaches, hurray for Memorial Day weekend," Siegel said. "But if anyone tries to swim, he says, 'They're going to be pulled out of the water.' Now, if there's a danger to your health, it isn't COVID-19 on that beach. It's his guy pulling you out of the water. You might drown.

"And by the way, social distancing is usually in effect when you swim, right? It's very safe. There's no coronavirus in the water. People don't swim close together. I think you should use those security people as lifeguards."

Staying close to New York City, Siegel then called out New York state and neighboring New Jersey allowing tennis, but only singles matches.

"Now if you're 70 years old, you may love tennis, but maybe you need doubles. Maybe you don't have the wind for singles anymore, Tucker," the NYU Langone internist said. "Well, if they make you play singles, you could actually, God forbid, die of a heart attack. So to your health, the risk is much greater with the singles than from COVID-19."

Finally, the doctor discussed the cancellation of Memorial Day parades across the country, even in areas with low infection rates.

"All across the country, we celebrate our fallen warriors from the Revolutionary War forward, right? Well, not this year," he said. "Parades are all being canceled across the United States, including in Bozeman, Montana ..."


"There's been less than 500 cases in the entire state of Montana. And one death, one death in the Bozeman area," Siegel went on. "They're not having the Memorial Day parade. So how do we celebrate our fallen heroes? How do we celebrate them?"

Siegel then praised President Trump for declaring houses of worship to be "essential" and pressuring state governors to open them.

"At least, and we'll social distance in there, believe me, we're going to pray. If this can happen, we'll pray for the souls of our fallen heroes," he said. "If we can't celebrate them in a parade, let's at least be able to pray for their souls."