Young Cubs fan battling cancer forms special bond with World Series stars

For one Chicago family, the 2016 World Series will always be remembered for reasons more personal than whether their team brings home the championship. The Moylan family, whose 13-year-old son Joseph was diagnosed with leukemia, now has a special bond with one of the Cubs’ stars, Anthony Rizzo.

Following Joe’s diagnosis last year, he underwent intense treatments that drained him physically and left him without an appetite, Fox 23 reported. His grandmother stocked up on a cereal named after Rizzo, who himself battled cancer at 17 and happens to be Joe’s hero, and it quickly became the only food he could tolerate.

Flavia Moylan, Joe’s mother, sent a picture of Joe eating the cereal to The Anthony Rizzo Foundation, and a few weeks later Rizzo stopped by to pay a visit to his young fan.

“I was asking him like, during chemo how does he keep going through it?” Joe told Fox 23. “That kind of gave me so much motivation to keep going and keep doing more than I was supposed to.”

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Joe also met a few of Rizzo’s teammates, including John Lester who has also dealt with cancer. He said it made him feel a special connection to his favorite team.

“What Anthony Rizzo did for Joe was way beyond anything we could imagine,” Flavia Moylan, Joe’s mother, told Fox 23.

The family told the news station that if the Cubs win, they’ll celebrate with a box of Rizzo’s cereal.