Joe Montana may not be a professional athlete anymore – but this thriving Baby Boomer still keeps active.

Part of his healthy lifestyle includes keeping his joints in good shape, and so he’s created The Joe Montana Joint Health Training Camp, an online exercise program that encourages Americans to focus on their joints and maintain good health.

He’s partnered with Joint Juice for the training camp, and after drinking the supplement every day, he said he’s noticed an improvement in his stiff joints.

“We put together a little 30-day program that we think can fit into everyone’s daily life,” Montana told FoxNews.com. “(The) program (is) pretty versatile, so it can go from easy to pretty much as hard as you want it to get. And just by how much you want to do. We always say, let pain be your guide.”

Joint Juice contains a combination of vitamins, glucosamine and chondroitin, which have been proven to promote joint health.

Montana said there is a calendar on the Joint Juice website that will walk people through every step of the program and track their daily workout. There are also videos that go through the movements and provide health tips.

Emilio DiPretoro is a professional trainer who helped develop the exercise program featured on the website.

“The program was designed with the average ‘Joe’ in mind,” DiPretoro said. “We wanted to come up with a program that anyone could participate in from home, and make it really easy and simple to get involved in this. So the goal of it is to get people moving through full ranges of motion and to preserve joint health.”

DiPretoro said the program is designed for all age groups, although it is vital for Baby Boomers to maintain their joint health, so they can continue to enjoy the activities they love and keep up with their kids (and grandkids).

“It’s never too late to start exercising for sure,” DiPretoro said. “Seek out advice if you need it . . .and also educate yourself as to the proper range of motion. There’s some great information out there these days on health and fitness.”

For more information on The Joe Montana Joint Health Training Camp, log onto JointJuice.com/TrainingCamp.