Wisconsin twins give birth just 8 hours apart

When the mother of Wisconsin twins found out both of her daughters were pregnant, she predicted that they would give birth to twins of their own on the same day. The newly minted grandmother was only partially correct.

Angel Owen and Kaye Henn had due dates two weeks apart, WKBT reported. Henn went into labor first, and Owen went to visit her twin with their mother, Angie Marcou.

During the visit, Owen unexpectedly began experiencing contractions.

“I thought, ‘OK, I am having a couple of contractions,’” Owen told WKBT. “We are just going to wait it out because I wanted my sister to go first since she started first.”

But Owen’s baby wasn’t onboard with the plan.

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“I’m sitting on the couch with Angel, and she is sitting there and squeezing my hand and pulling my hand,” Marcou told WKBT.

Marcou and her ex-husband, Jerry Henn, decided to split up so that a parent could be with each daughter as they went through labor.

“My ex-husband and I get along really well, so we are calling each other, texting each other, finding out who is doing what,” Marcou said.

Owen gave birth at around 5 p.m. Sunday, naming her healthy baby boy Cruze. After nearly 24 hours of labor and just eight hours after her sister, Henn gave birth to a baby girl named Elena in the early hours of Oct. 12.

“The thing is when they first found out they were pregnant, I told them, ‘Yeah, they are going to have twins and they are going to have them on the same day,’” Marcou told the news station.

Both the twins and their babies are doing well, according to the report.