Wheelchair-Bound Tennis Player Wins Nearly 400 Matches

When you think of tennis, you think of quick feet – so you may be surprised to know that a woman who has won more matches than any other tennis player, makes her serves from a wheelchair.

Esther Vergeer, 29, of the Netherlands is the world’s No. 1 ranked female wheelchair tennis player.

"She's one of the greatest athletes out there, and I'm very happy for her," tennis champion Roger Federer told CBS Sports.

Four U.S. Opens, six Australian Opens, four French Opens and three Paralympic titles are just a sample of her 101 consecutive titles. And she doesn’t just excel at singles, she is a doubles champion as well.

Before a blood vessel operation gone wrong at 8 years old that left Vergeer paralyzed, she had no interest in tennis.

"I never played tennis before my accident, I hardly played any sports," she said.
By age 12, she started playing wheelchair tennis, and never looked back.

"I think it's so awesome that Venus Williams and Roger Ferderer think I'm a good athlete," Vergeer. "They don't talk about the wheelchair or about my disability; all they see is what I've done in my sport."

Vergeer isn’t just a player, she is a teacher. At her home in Holland, she runs a foundation that gets kids involved in sports to build their character.

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