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Dutch Navy Storms Ship

Dramatic video of troops rescuing crew from pirates

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  1. Holloway Cover-up?

    Report: Aruba official says police chief protected Joran van der Sloot's dad

  2. Feds Charge 19 With Terror Offenses

    Attorney General Holder speaks on ongoing investigation into 'deadly pipeline' of extremist ideology in U.S.

  3. Dutch Dunking

    Vandals tossing Smart Cars into Amsterdam canals

  4. Katie on 'Kennedys' Controversy

    'Kennedys' stars Katie Holmes and Greg Kinnear surprised by uproar over series

  5. Uncertainty About America's Role in Mideast

    Why Libya and what's next?

  6. Bias Bash: CIA in Libya?

    Are U.S. agents fighting on Libyan soil?

  7. Brazil a Safe Haven for Kidnapped Kids?

    Father fights for return of his daughter

  8. Around the World: Train Plows Into Netherlands Town

    Automotive hurtles off track, smashes into village square

  9. Weighing Options Against Qaddafi

    Europeans leaders try to get a handle on Libyan crisis

  10. Libya: Rebels Making Progress

    What is NATO planning?

  11. Update on Liam

    Liam's father shares heartbreaking story of trip to Rome

  12. Naomi Campbell in Deep Over Blood Diamonds?

    Actress Mia Farrow contradicts supermodel's testimony at war crimes trial

  1. Tuesday Morning Market Update

    Investors wait for consumer confidence data

  2. Red Light Revamp

    Amsterdam shutting down brothels and pot shops in effort to crack down on crime

  3. Netherlands Terror Arrests

    Dutch police say they have successfully removed threat

  4. Around the World: Train Collides With Bus

    Wreck kills over 40 people in Ukraine

  5. Naomi Campbell Testifies in War Crimes Tribunal

    Supermodel a witness in case of former Liberian ruler Charles Taylor

  6. Farrow, Campbell at Odds Over 'Blood Diamonds'

    Actress and supermodel present conflicting accounts at war crimes trial

  7. FOX Week In Review 8/1/08

    Iraq progress, bombings in Iraq and Turkey, Karadzic on trial, senator arraigned, plane accidents, CA quake and fires, exercise pill, solar eclipse, Mars mission

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