Video captures moment 3-month-old baby hears mother's voice for first time

At three months old, Jordan Blair had never heard his mother’s voice, until he was fitted with hearing aids. The Australian boy’s joyful giggles at hearing sound for the first time were captured in a video posted on Youtube.

Hearing loss runs on Jordan’s mother’s side of the family, according to Fox 29. After the boy failed two newborn hearing assessments, he was referred to an ear, nose and throat specialist and an allergist to confirm the loss.

“He then got bronchiolitis at three weeks old and ended up in hospital for nine nights and this caused fluid build-up in his ears,” Jordan’s mother, who was not named, told Storyful.

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Last week, Jordan was fitted with hearing aids. In a video, the boy is shown hearing a rattle for the first time— and his mother’s voice. He responds with giggles.

“In his short life, we have already been to 22 appointments as well as hospital and most of this time screaming and him in pain so you can imagine it was lovely to go to this appointment as see him laughing and cooing like a ‘normal’ baby should,” his mother told Storyful.