Tips to use social media in a healthy way during the holidays

The holidays can be a time of joy, but it can also trigger symptoms of anxiety and depression in some. Those holiday blues can be especially tough if you compare your life to what others are posting online.

Some people feel like they’re stuck at home and the only joy they can get is by viewing pictures on social media, while others may feel like they’re missing out, said Dr. Joe Taravella, supervisor of pediatric psychology at New York University Langone Medical Center’s Rusk Rehabilitation.

“Physically being with people is better at beating the blues, but time online in moderation isn’t all that bad,” he told

If you can’t get that face-to-face time, try to be interactive with your social media. In fact, some social media accounts can help cheer you up, but none may have as much holiday spirit as the Rockefeller Center christmas tree, as personified in the @30RockTree Twitter account.

Matt Haze, creator of the account, said he saw a photo of the tree lying on a flatbed, came up with random thoughts and decided to share it with social media.

“The tree gets holiday spirit, but it also gets a little bit of fun and a lot of people poking fun at it, especially the people that… have to deal with the crowds and all the hassle that come during the holidays,” Haze told “People will kind of take their frustrations out on the tree, even though it’s not real.”

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Haze said being the world’s most famous tree does have its benefits.

“I’ve gotten messages over the years from people that have said they’ve had some rough times during the holidays,” he said. “And the tree was able to bring them a little bit of holiday spirit and enjoy.”

According to Taravella, people need to be mindful whether they are using their time online as a way of escaping their life or creating moments to be grateful for their lives.