Texas woman left blind after contracting flesh-eating bacteria in eye during mud run

A Texas woman was left blind in one eye after contracting a flesh-eating bacteria during her first mud run competition on June 22.

Brittany Williams, a mother with two jobs, said she initially thought the pain in her eye was debris, WTOC.com reported. By the next morning, all she could see out of her left eye was white.

“The whole room was white,” Williams told WTOC.com.

According to the report, debris may have cut her eye allowing the flesh-eating bacteria to destroy her cornea.

“It just completely melted off my eye,” Williams said.

Williams, who had opted out of her employer’s health insurance, now faces steep medical bills as her family raises money for treatment to stop the bacteria from spreading further.

“You have to stay awake, and they like take scissors and cut,” Williams told WTOC.com of the treatment.

She is also on antibiotics to help control the infection.

Doctors reportedly believe she will eventually regain her vision with corrective surgery.